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Scented wooden balls are immensely popular among many homeowners and they are the ideal alternative to potpourri. Unfortunately, some homeowners have no idea on how to make scented wooden balls. If you are one among them, then below is how you can accomplish this with ease.

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Being creative for your wedding is wonderful and making unique wedding flags can help you make it a wonderful occasion. People can wave the flags for the couple when they walk down the aisle after the ceremony. Learn this a quick and easy project.

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Wooden serving bowls are immensely popular among chefs and cooks because of the convenience and comfort they offer. In addition to that, wooden serving bowls have the unique ability to bring out the vibrant colors of a salad when compared to using any other type of serving bowls.

Unfortunately, many people who use wooden serving bowls have no clue on how to clean them properly. Consequently, they use rigorous chemical solutions and detergents for the cleaning process and often end up damaging their precious wooden bowls. So, if you wish to avoid such kind of hassles and extend the life of your wooden serving bowls, then make sure that you follow the following cleaning tips.

Washing and Drying

One of the most significant things you should note is that the overuse of liquid can damage your wooden serving bowls. Yet, a quick wash of dish soap and warm water is one of the simplest and best ways to clean wooden bowls. However, you will need to use the soft side of the sponge instead of using the abrasive side to prevent any scratches to the bowl.

Do not Use Heat

The rise in the temperature can cause the wood grain to warp and gradually split. So, try not to place your wooden serving bowls in the dishwashers or microwave. If you are planning to serve hot foods in the wooden bowl, then heat them separately, and transfer them to the bowl after a couple of minutes. In addition to that, you should never serve hot liquid food items such as soups in wooden bowls, as they can cause severe damage to the bowl.


Seasoning will not only remove all the impurities from your wooden serving bowls, but also improve the smell and taste of the food served in them. All you need to do is to simply cut a lemon in half and gently rub the inside of the serving bowl. However, if you don’t wish to add the lemony flavor to your salad, then season the bowl after its regular wash.

In addition to these three tips, you should also find a nice storage space for your wooden serving bowls and try to keep them away from direct sunlight to extend their life.

If you are in search of ideas to keep your kids entertained, then you have reached the right place. The peg doll ideas shared below can be the perfect wood craft project for the holidays. With their cute faces and fancy skirts, your children are definitely going to love peg dolls.

Materials Needed

·        Wooden doll pin or cloth pin with a round top

·        Clear nail polish

·        Permanent marker with fine point

·        Cupcake liners

·        Scissors, craft glue, and adhesive tape


·        Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on the head of the doll pin. This would help to prevent the bleeding of the ink into the grain of the wood while drawing the face with the marker. Make sure that the nail polish is dried completely before proceeding further.

·        On a paper, practice the way you are planning to draw the face and hair. When you are confident enough, you can draw the face and hair on the doll pin. You can use the permanent marker to draw all the facial features and the paint marker to draw the hair. When done, give some time for the paint to dry.

·        If you are planning to have a doll with a necklace, you will need to trim a string of fused pearls so that it fits around the neck of the doll pin perfectly. Add glue to the area, place the beads, and clamp the ends at the backside of the doll pin. Let the glue to dry completely before you proceed.

·        Fold a cupcake liner and make a small slit in the middle. Open the liner and slide it on to the doll pin in the shape of a skirt. Fold the outer ends of the liner for them to overlap at the backside of the doll pin.

·        Secure the skirt with a label or piece of tape or with glue. After that, you can use a piece of ribbon to tie around and hold the skirt of the doll in place.

·        You may place a loop of chenille stick at the backside of the neck of the doll pin and glue it. After the glue is dried, you can bend and shape the chenille stick to form the arms of the doll. You can also use wooden dowels in place of chenille sticks to form arms of the doll.


·        You can tuck some flowers into the arms of the doll and stick a small gem on one side of the head of the doll.

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While selecting furniture for a home, it is difficult to decide on the material and type of wood. Most of the wooden furniture available now comes in two varieties – solid wood and plywood furniture. Many homeowners and builders prefer plywood furniture in the interiors due to their many advantages. Since its introduction, plywood has always been a viable substitute for solid wood furniture and differs from it in various key properties. Below are some of the notable advantages of using plywood in home furnishings.

High Durability

Plywood is a highly strong and durable material that makes it a bit tougher than solid wood. The wood grain pattern of plywood is positioned in such a way that it has a uniform distribution of strength. This makes plywood stronger than solid wood, as solid wood does not have this uniformity. During the making of plywood, the grain pattern is altered in each of the layers that contribute to its increased strength. Besides, the strength of plywood can be increased by the application of veneers and phenolic adhesives, making it a durable engineered wood product.

Available in Large Sizes

The other major advantage of plywood is that it is available in large sizes. A standard plywood sheet comes in the dimensions of about 6 feet by 4 feet. This will allow professional carpenters to create furniture using single sheets and cut costs. The overall square foot coverage of plywood is also much larger, which allows plywood to be used to cover a large area without any gaps or imperfections, while also reducing the wastage.

Suitable for Interior and Exterior Furniture

Plywood has the upper hand over solid wood as it can be used to make both indoor and outdoor furniture. This is because plywood is available in various grades like the MR (Moisture Resistant) grade suited for interiors and the BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade for exteriors. Therefore, plywood is perfect for the living room or bedroom furniture as well as for exterior furniture in garden or patios.

Apart from that, plywood has the notable advantage of being highly economical when compared to solid wood. Using plywood incurs only minimal wastage, as each square inch of plywood is useful. Being a lighter material, it is also less costly to transport. Besides, plywood can also be mixed with other types of wood that can greatly enhance its strength while also proving economical in the end.

Using plywood is also an environmentally friendly choice when compared to opting for solid wood. Manufacturing plywood requires less wood than making solid wood. This will help the number of trees cut down for making furniture, thus conserving the environment.

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Many of us like to gift wooden toys, as they are very reliable and sturdy. In addition, if the toys are made from untreated wood, it will have a pleasant smell and will provide a good surface for painting, which can be enjoyable to the child. However, you will need a workshop or at least a hammer and a saw to make wooden toys on your own.

It is quite fun to make toys out of wood blocks. You can order wooden blocks from wood craft online stores and use them to make your own toys. Wood blocks are already cut in the factory and you just need to put them together to make the toys. You will not need any tools to make the toys, except using glue occasionally. Below are a few ideas you can try.

Make More Blocks

There can never be enough wooden blocks for your children. The little architects in them will crave for more blocks and you can make small changes to the blocks or paint them in different colors to give a new meaning to the wood blocks. You can paint blocks in rainbow colors, as it can be a beautiful addition to any set. Another idea is to cover the wooden blocks with reflecting sticker to make mirror blocks. These blocks can be much interesting to children.

You can make your child paint the block and inspire him to make different types of blocks. This will help to improve the creative and cognitive skills of the child. Another interesting thing is to paint the blocks in different patterns.

Block Puzzles

You can use wood blocks to make personalized toys, as they can be great gifts for children. A great idea is to use a family photo and make a photo puzzle for children. You can watch many online tutorials and videos that can help you to make wood block puzzles.

You can easily turn a bunch of blocks into a message of love. You can increase or decrease the number of blocks used in the puzzle to adjust the level of difficulty. An advantage of using wood blocks to make puzzles is that you can change the blocks easily to reuse them in another puzzle.

Blocks for the Nursery

Wood blocks are fun little toys for kids who love to fiddle with things. You can have different designs on different sides of the block to make a puzzle or make a set of alphabet blocks that can help the child study while playing. A wise idea is to paint the blocks and stick alphabets rather than trying to paint the letters. You may also make use of different textures, fabrics, and stickers to make texture blocks that can offer an experience of sensory play to children.

A cutting board is an important tool needed in every kitchen. It serves the function of a stable base for cutting vegetables and fruits before they are cooked. Yet when choosing a cutting board, most people underestimate the role they play in preparing a healthy meal and the aesthetic value to the kitchen. Learn how to choose the best cutting board for you!

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Woodworkers use many techniques to lay a finish on the exposed trim edges on plywood. An easy method to try in minor woodworking projects at home is to conceal the plywood edges with an edge banding.  

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