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3 Commonly Used Woods for Making Paddles

3 Commonly Used Woods for Making Paddles
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

3 Commonly Used Woods for Making Paddles

Wooden paddles have become the standard for any sort of canoeing and kayaking activities. Although materials like carbon fiber and plastic have become increasingly popular for making paddles in the recent times, wood has always remained a reliable choice for professionals.

Wood has been the classic material used for paddling canoes and other kinds of boats for centuries. Moreover, wooden paddles are an affordable option, having natural aesthetic quality and functionality, which make them ideal for use with canoes and kayaks. Besides, there are several advantages of opting for wooden paddles such as durability and extended life.

Different types of wood are used to make paddles considering many of their properties. This is entirely based on its usage especially for paddling in freshwater lakes or the seas. Below are some of the commonly used wood types for making paddles.


Ash is one of the most commonly used wood types for making paddles. Ash is a strong wood that is naturally blessed with excellent durability. It can also withstand stress and therefore is ideal for rough usage conditions. Ash wood is much denser and weighs more than other wood types. Moreover, it comes with shock-resistant features that will offer improved functionality when used to make paddles.


Maplewood is yet another commonly used wood for making paddles. It bears some unique physical properties of strength and flexibility. It is also heavy like Ash wood and is used to make paddles of exceptional strength and lifespan. Hard and soft Maplewood are the two types used to make paddles. Maple has shock-resistant features that help in withstanding stress from excessive usage. Besides, Maplewood has low decay resistance that enables it to be used for longer periods.


Another popular wood type used for building canoe paddles is Cherry. One of the notable properties of Cherry wood is that it is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for use as paddles. Cherry also bears a rich texture and look, which is suitable for making canoe paddles. The medium density of Cherry wood is combined with its uniform texture and strength. This will aid in effortlessly paddling in a canoe or kayak in both freshwater and the oceans.