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5 Wood Types for Making Ear Plugs and Tunnels

5 Wood Types for Making Ear Plugs and Tunnels
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

5 Wood Types for Making Ear Plugs and Tunnels

There are plenty of options available to you when you are in search of ear jewelry items such as ear gauges and ear tunnels. It is true that your buying decision will largest impact on the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry but you will also need to pay attention to the material that is used to manufacture the jewelry.

Even though jewelry made of stainless steel and pieces that are acrylic are great, they do not have the texture, look, and feel of wooden ear jewelry. Most of the wooden jewelry items available in the market are extremely lightweight and they also keep your stretches healthy, thanks to the porous nature of wood. Below are a few types of wood that can be used to make ear plugs and tunnels.

Sono Wood

The beautiful dark brown colored sono wood has a crisp and really dense texture. This enables woodworkers to carve them into simple plugs and tunnels and to create very intricate designs as they please. In addition to that, sono wood also contains subtle dark streaks, which adds more beauty and elegance to ear jewelry pieces.

Areng Ebony Wood

Areng ebony wood is actually a stunningly stark black wood with a limited number of visible grain streaks. Black colored tunnels and plugs for stretched ear have become immensely popular over the last few years. So, instead of going for steel products or black PMMA acrylic, try areng ebony wood plugs or tunnels, as they will make you look more stunning.

Crocodile Wood

Crocodile wood is another type of lightweight wood that is an ideal choice for making wooden earplugs and tunnels. The natural cream/beige color of crocodile wood boosts the aesthetics of wooden jewelry items and makes them a lot more elegant. In addition to that, the smooth texture and lightweight attributes of this type of wood ensure that your ears won’t be weighted down.

Sawo Wood

Sawo Wood is another beautiful wood that is immensely popular among wood crafters for its natural and vibrant brownish-red color. The very dense smooth texture and the delicate darker brown streaking make it an ideal choice for manufacturing wooden earplugs and tunnels.


Redwood is an elegant red colored wood with a nice grainy texture. This grainy texture offers an attractive organic look to it and it looks a lot better than sawo and crocodile woods. Moreover, they are lightweight as well, which means that you can keep your earlobes sweat-free and fresh always.