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A Brief Look at Bentwood Rings

A Brief Look at Bentwood Rings
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

A Brief Look at Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are wooden rings that are made by bending wood veneers in the direction of the face grain. The veneers are bent around a form to have extremely durable and beautiful bentwood rings. These rings will not break like the traditional rings and are great items to be passed down to generations.

Wooden Ring Making Processes

The usual wooden ring is cut from a solid piece of wood or a laminated piece of wood that is made by gluing together many layers of wood. They are typically cut on a drill press or a lathe and can be churned out quickly. Experts say that the solid cut wooden rings are the most fragile ones, as they contain short grain and are likely to split. There are exceptions to this though, such as the wooden rings cut from dense wood species.

In case of laminate cut rings, many layers of wood are glued together in opposing grain pattern. These rings are more durable than the solid cut rings, but they also have a few drawbacks. Moreover, both the laminate cut and sold cut rings will have end grains and this can drastically reduce the beauty of the rings made with these processes.

The bentwood process of making wooden rings helps to utilize the full strength of the wood with the grain wrapping around the ring, ensuring better durability, and beautifully displays the grains of the wood. The manufacturers make use of steam bending to bend the wood to any desired size and hand trim, shape, sand, finish, and polish it. You will not find any short grain points in bentwood rings, and because the wood grain is oriented around the ring, it will have outstanding structural integrity, and will display the wood grain attractively.

Moreover, the ring is made from thin strips of wood bent into a circle in the case of bentwood manufacturing, and very little wood is wasted in the process of creation. The only wastage happens during sanding the ring.

Note that this type of wooden ring production demands much time than the other two processes. Moreover, as the process is a meticulous one, rings made with bentwood are priced high. However, bentwood rings can last for a lifetime, and they are the perfect gift for your friend’s wedding or for your anniversary.