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Buying Wooden Baby Push Walkers

Buying Wooden Baby Push Walkers
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Buying Wooden Baby Push Walkers

Babies grow fast and they will need some support to get up and move in the initial stages of development. Your baby will develop an interest in his or her surroundings and the toys that you select should encourage this interest and assist the baby to learn and have fun.

The stages of crawling and walking are no exceptions. Your baby will need assistance in walking in the early stages and a push walker can be a great option.

Push walkers are toys that can offer the necessary support to babies to help them learn to walk. There are wide varieties of wooden push walkers available in the market. Read on to understand the qualities that you should look for in a push walker while selecting one.


Stability is an important factor that you need to consider while searching for wooden push walkers. Look for wooden walkers that are steady enough to ensure the safety of the child while walking. Make sure that the walker is wide enough for your child, because narrow walkers tend to tip and fall often.


Height is another important factor that you need to consider while selecting push walkers. A walker with a higher base will offer the baby more support when compared to those that are too close to the ground.

Sturdy Base

Ensure that the base of the walker is heavy and sturdy. This will allow the center of gravity of the walker to be close to the ground making it stable and balanced, keeping your child from tipping over.

Wheel Design

Wooden walkers will have wooden wheels with traction. Ensure that these wheels have necessary traction as wheels without traction can make using the walker unsafe.

In addition, it is best to select walkers in which the wheels can be replaced, tightened, or loosened as per your requirement. This will allow you to replace the wooden wheels with larger ones when the baby gets accustomed to walking.


The price is another important thing that you need to take into consideration before buying a wooden walker. Consider all the above-mentioned factors and find a wooden baby walker that is in your budget.Remember, if you are looking for baby walkers with other accessories like bells, whistles, lights, etc., then you will need to spend more cash. Another option is to buy a good wooden baby walker that suits your requirement and buy the accessories separately. You can then add the accessories to the walker later on your own.