We all love to inscribe messages in rings before gifting them to our loved ones and friends. However, the issue is that the inscriptions in most of the metal rings don't last long as expected, which is why it is best to choose wooden rings. One of the major advantages of choosing wooden rings as wedding presents or as gifts for your friends and family members is that you will be able to inscribe a message on the ring that will last for a long time even without regular maintenance.

Most of the wooden ring manufacturers use a special type of ink for inscribing your message into the wooden rings. This significantly increases the life of the engraving without comprising the quality of the ring. The creativity and special message within the ring will instantly capture the attention of your loved ones and urge them to keep it in their possession forever. If you are planning to engrave a special message on your other half’s wooden wedding ring, then below are a few ideas that will help you get started.

Matching Engravings

If you and your partner are in search of an engraving message for your wedding rings, then it is best to select a matching inscription. This will bring a sense of connection between both the wedding rings. You could select a quote that has special significance for the both of you. Split the inscription into two equal halves, which means that each one of you will have a part of the quote in your wooden ring.


Some of us have no clue on what to engrave in our wooden wedding rings and consequently, we often end up dropping the idea of adding an engraved message on the ring. If you are not able to add any message of your own, then you could borrow a quote from one of your favorite authors, poets, or even from popular films. However, make sure to pick a quote that both you and your partner love.

Wedding Vows

If you have already started writing down the wedding vows, then you could add one of your favorite vows to the wedding ring of your partner as an inscription. Your loved one will cherish this engraving more than any other quote because this is a personally written message that gives your wedding vows a meaning.