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Common Types of Wooden Game Pieces and Their Uses

Common Types of Wooden Game Pieces and Their Uses
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Common Types of Wooden Game Pieces and Their Uses

Wood is one of earths most versatile and probably one of the most familiar raw materials. It is the only renewable building material and is naturally grown. In addition, it has got many roles in our daily life ranging from making furniture to the wooden toys that you use. Below are some of the most common wooden game pieces and their uses.

Standard Meeple

Meeple is beautiful and tiny game pieces of a humanoid shape. They are available in different colors, most commonly in white, red, yellow, green, and blue, and come in a size of 16 mm. The most exciting thing is that you can use these tiny humans for your adventurous games and imagination. Having said that, the most commonly played games using these meeples are Agricola and terror in meeple city.

Tall Meeple

Tall meeples are also the humanoid-shaped wooden game pieces like standard meeples. The only difference is that these are tall when compared to the standard one as the name suggest and have a size of roughly 23 mm. The most common games that you can enjoy using these tall humanoids are Carcassonne and Cartagena.

Pawn is a chess piece of the smallest size and value; but they can be used for various purposes, as they will fit with almost every aesthetic demand. There are different types of pawns and the standard one is printed ninja designed pawn, which is just like a plastic sorry pawn. They are also available in various colors, and their size measures about 20 mm. The most common game that you can play using standard pawns is sorry.

Halma Pawn

The halma pawn is also like standard pawns but is bulkier. They are introduced in the 80's with a board name called halma board game, and hence it got the name halma pawn. They measure about 25 mm and are available in different colors to suit your needs.

Wooden Cubes

These cubes are like your blank canvas and you can use or embellish them, in whatever way you want. For instance, you can paint them, make blocks, stencil them, apply different stickers on them, and do much more. In fact, you can take your creativity to the next level using wooden cubes.

Wooden cubes can be small as well as large measuring about 8 mm to 20 mm and are available in different colors. You can use these cubes for playing games like El Grande or Kingsburg, or use them for decoration purposes for Christmas.