You might already be familiar with the fact that picture frames can be made from almost any material such as glass, concrete, molded plastic, stone, recycled materials, and wood. Picture frame manufacturers use all of these materials to design creative picture frames that easily captivate the attention of viewers. However, it is true that most of the picture frames available in the market are usually made from metal or wood. 


This is mainly because these two materials are easy to work with, readily available, and can be customized as per the wishes of the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are in the market in search of an elegant picture frame, then you will be able to see a number of elegantly designed metal and wood picture frames with different styling details. 


The problem, however, is that customers may often get confused between the two and they are unable to decide which one of the picture frames would be the right choice for their needs. Below are a few details about both of these picture frames that will help you make a suitable decision.


Wooden Picture Frames


Wood is a wonderful natural material and is used for a number of useful purposes. What makes wood the best choice for making picture frames is that they can be stained in several beautiful colors or painted in a wider selection of different colors. In addition to that, wood has also been considered the traditional material selection of picture frames for centuries. 


Customers who are after traditional decorating styles regularly choose wood picture frames over metal frames because of the classic style and detail offered by the material. Wood can also be dark, pale, or a range of shadows, offering you several choices when it comes to contrasting or complementing the mood and look of any image or artwork.


Metal Picture Frames


Metal picture frames are a modern alternative to wooden picture frames. Picture frames that are made of metals offer clean lines and they are perfectly suited for a wide variety of modern decor styles. However, the downfall is that most of the metal picture frames fail to offer the same range of colors as wooden frames do if they are not painted.


A major reason why customers choose metal picture frames over wooden ones is that the former offers extra practicality over the latter when the frame becomes damaged. If one of the sides of a metal frame is damaged, you will easily be able to replace it with a new one, which is not possible in the case of wooden picture frames. However, you have to take note of the fact that wooden picture frames do not get damaged that easily.