Wood pegs are still preferred to hang clothes when drying them on a line. Even with the arrival of plastic clips, wooden pegs have enjoyed unmatched popularity due to their design, functionality, and ease of use. Introduced in the 19th Century, wood pegs have been in use ever since across most homes in the US. They have many added benefits such as their rust free nature, durability, and flexibility, and that makes them the preferred choice for many household uses.

The unique design of wooden pegs has made them ideal for use in a range of decorative purposes. They are available easily in most wood craft supplies store and this has made them one of the most accessible craft items to decorate your homes and office. Below are five different uses of wooden clothing pegs.

Scarf Holder Rack

Wood pegs can function as a perfect scarf holder for hanging all of them at one place. Their good spring action means that the scarves will be effectively fastened onto them. It is much easy to put in or take out a scarf from the pegs, as it requires you to apply only a little force at the ends. For holding a collection of scarves together, you can use a long slender wooden board and then affix the wood pegs on to its surface in sequence.

Packed Foods Sealer

Packed foods, especially potato chips and cookies, tend to get spoiled if they are not properly covered up after you open the pack. If you use such packed foods, you may often use a rubber band. This is an inappropriate method as air can still get inside the pack and contaminate the food. Using a wood peg to clamp onto the openings of the packet, on the other hand, will prevent the entry and exit of air properly, thus preserving the food item inside.

Spoon Rest in Utensils

While cooking, you may often end up in a situation where the wooden spoon falls into the pot. It is quite difficult to get back the spoon or ladle once it falls inside the hot pan. A wooden peg can help in preventing this problem – you just need to clamp a wood peg at the end of the spoon to prevent it from falling into the cookware.

Keeping Earphones

Earphones can become tangled up when carried in our bags or pockets. It is important to keep them properly winded to prevent it from becoming tangled and to preserve the contacts inside the cables. By gluing two wood pegs inverted, you can actually use it to wrap your earphones safely without any tangling.

Organizer Clips

The other use of wood pegs is as clips for keeping important papers and other documents. When you keep them simply in an organizer or file, there is a chance that you will lose them. By affixing a wood peg though, you can be assured that your important documents stay right where they belong.