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How to Make a Wooden Frisbee

How to Make a Wooden Frisbee
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

How to Make a Wooden Frisbee

Playing Frisbee golf is a recreational activity for all people including children. However, playing disc golf with plastic Frisbees might not be that enjoyable. Below is how to make a wooden Frisbee, so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. These wooden toys are not like boomerangs, which return to the thrower spinning perpendicularly to the flight. Instead, they are designated to land in a basket placed at a short distance.

Planning the Dimensions

A tall Frisbee would fly slowly to a slimmer one but remains stable airborne. Veering weight to the middle or the sides, on the other hand, may make the Frisbee under-stable or over-stable when thrown. Wooden Frisbee can be of a long-range or mid-range & the mid-range Frisbee may travel up to 300 feet. Professional woodworkers cut the wood and shape the Frisbee into a balanced form according to a blueprint considering weight and height of the Frisbee. So start with planning the dimensions of the wooden toy.

Cutting and Gluing Wood

Cutting the natural wood and gluing the pieces intact is a customary practice for most types of wooden toys even in minor woodworking projects. You need to glue the Frisbee pieces intact in phases rather than going at it in one stretch. Attach the Frisbee’s rims first and then glue the plates before putting both together in one piece. When done, leave it to dry up for at least 24 hours.

Shaping the Frisbee

Using a belt sander is an easy way to rough sand the wood starting from the Frisbee's top to the bottom and then to the rim. You can also trim the size of round-shaped rings subsequently to form shapes on the disc. Then use super fine grit sandpaper to sand the Frisbee, fine-tune the shape, and polish the toy when done. Note that the process needs some amount of skill, but a lot of patience.

Staining and Varnishing the Wood

Your wooden Frisbee can have an optional label drawn using a software and cut into the wooden toy using a laser cutter. Just as woodworkers etch the label by lining up the Frisbee straight, they lay stain and a layer of waterproof varnish on wood. To stain the Frisbee, first clean off the dust from it and then dip the disc into the stain using a paper towel. Wait for around two hours and then apply a second layer of stain evenly on the Frisbee. Repeat the same process for laying varnish on the wooden Frisbee.