Wooden jewelry has attained a new following amongst fashion enthusiasts. Many people increasingly use it now, as they are available in a wide range of styles. Moreover, wooden jewelry is much low-priced when compared to other jewelry materials like gold, platinum, or silver.

One of the most used among natural wooden jewelry is wooden plugs. It has remained a safer choice for use as body piercings and is usually made from various types of wood. In fact, it is by far rated as the best organic body piercing material and is preferred by many over traditional jewelry. Below are some of the key benefits of wearing wooden plugs.


One of the key benefits of wearing wooden plugs is that they are non-irritating in nature. This ensures that wood plugs remain biocompatible, and due to this, it does not cause any kind of irritation to the healed skin after piercing. Other materials used in making plugs are known to cause a range of allergic reactions upon wearing, and thus, severely affect the skin. Wooden plugs are much gentler on the earlobes thereby making them much comfortable to wear.

Aesthetic Value

Wooden plugs are available in a range of different designs and styles that will suit the requirements of any wearer. The design possibilities of wood are higher than that of other materials, and due to this reason, it can be easily carved into any complex shapes and designs. Moreover, since wood is available in many types that differ in texture and color, it can be used to make plugs while also allowing engraving or inlays.


Compared to other materials used to make body-piercing jewelry such as glass, stones, or metal, wooden plugs have the upper hand due to their lightweight design. Wooden plugs are much lighter and this makes it easy to wear them for long periods without causing any discomfort to the wearer. Besides, the low weight also makes sure that the plug exerts low strain on the earlobes thereby preventing any pain.

Reduces Odor

Due to the porous nature of wood, it will help to reduce any kind of odors after the skin is pierced. The porosity of wood allows the pierced skin to breathe that will effectively minimize any discharge of dead skin cells produced by the ear. Besides, the porosity of wood will also absorb many of the discharges after body piercing, thereby eliminating the production of odor.

Last Longer

Wooden plugs last much longer when compared to other piercing jewelry materials. Their low reactivity makes them last longer when compared to other materials like metal or stone. Besides, wood can be polished and re-polished using certain waxes and oils in order to maintain their luster. This allows wooden plugs to last significantly longer than other types of plugs.