Materials Required

  • Wood glue
  • Wood (preferably plywood)
  • Spacers
  • Set of wooden wheels
  • Lock nuts or wooden axles
  • 5/16” bolts


  • Decide on the car model that you need to make and draw the shape on the plywood piece. You will have to draw the shape on at least four pieces of half-inch plywood.
  • Cut the plywood pieces along the drawing and drill holes on the pieces to run wheel axles. Make sure that the holes on the different pieces are placed properly for the wooden axle to go through without any disturbance.
  • After cutting and drilling holes on the plywood pieces, you can start assembling the pieces. Use wood glue to stick the pieces of plywood together ensuring that the axle holes on the pieces are in line. Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  • You can now install the wooden wheels to the car. For this, you will need wooden axles or a few 5/16” bolts. You can get the wooden wheels and axles from a wood craft supplies store in your neighborhood. It will be easy for you to use wooden axles to install the wheels.
  • To have a sturdy wheel set, you might use metal bolts to fix the wheels. Whatever be your method of installation, do not forget to use spacers between the wheels and the body of your toy car. This will allow for the free movement of wheels.

As the car is made completely out of wood, it will be ready for a ton of abuse by your kids and can last for a lifetime. This car also offers much room for customization. You can use paint or stain to make the car even more attractive. Another customization idea is to use stickers or names on the car. You can customize it as per your creativity and the imagination of your child.