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An Overview of Wooden Beads

An Overview of Wooden Beads
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

An Overview of Wooden Beads

Wood is the most commonly used material for making beads. In fact, different types of wood have been used since ancient times to make beads for a variety of purposes from jewelry to toys.

Wooden beads have many important attributes that make them perfect for making beads more so than any other material. Wood is a highly versatile material and this property is present in the beads made from them. This is why the making of wooden beads has also progressed from simple to more complex shapes and colors.

Wood beads also come in beautiful textures, making them suitable not only for jewelry making but for various other purposes too. The polishing technique that goes into the making of wooden beads has also excelled making them comparable to the beads made from other materials such as glass, ceramic, and gemstone.

What are Wooden Beads?

Wooden beads are actually beads made from different types of wood. The process of making wooden beads differs from that of other beads. Different types of wood are selected for making the beads depending on the required physical properties such as finish, texture, and color.

The wood is then precisely cut into smaller sizes and then undergoes a processing technique to craft them into the shape of a bead. Then the finished bead is subjected to numerous other finishing processes such as polishing to make them glitter and appealing.

Types and Color

Wooden beads differ chiefly from the type of wood used for making them. Some of the commonly used woods to make beads are sandalwood, bamboo, apple, pear, olive, etc. Consequently, the color of the beads will also vary according to the type of wood chosen.

Beads made from sandalwood are lightweight and have a lighter color, whereas rosewood lends a brighter color to the beads and the material is much denser. On the other hand, olive wood imparts a reddish color and a unique wavy pattern to the beads.

Benefits of Wooden Beads

Most of the wood craft supplies stores provide wooden beads because of their extensive use in decorating homes and other purposes. One key benefit of wooden beads is that they are lightweight, which provides good comfort to the wearer. The durability of wood also enables them to retain their color and materials for longer periods.

Wooden beads are not easily prone to scratches or tarnish as seen in most other types of beads. Besides, wooden beads are much cheaper than all other types of beads out there making them the preferred option for jewelry or any other purpose.