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Removing Wax from a Wooden Candle Holder

Removing Wax from a Wooden Candle Holder
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Removing Wax from a Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden candle holders have become immensely popular over the last few years because they are cheap, elegant, durable, and require less maintenance. Wood candle holders come in different colors, shapes, and even patterns, and can be easily purchased from either online sites or retail stores.

One of the major highlights of wood candle holders is that they add a little bit more elegance to the candles and easily capture the attention of any viewer. If you want to elegantly project the light from the candles in your home to the outside, it is wise to invest in a few wood candle holders.

It is known that many homeowners who use candle holders made of wood complain that they find it hard to remove the wax from their candle holders. Yet the reality is that you can easily remove the wax, but you will need to have the proper knowledge on the process of removing wax from wood candle holders. If you have no idea on how to do that, then follow the below-given steps carefully to remove the wax from your valuable wooden candle holders.

Steps to Follow

Carefully remove the candle from the wooden holder and leave the wax undisturbed until it dries. Make the wax a bit more brittle by placing the wooden candle holder into the refrigerator. Wait for around half an hour or until the wax becomes hardened, and then use a rubber spatula to gently remove the wax from the candle holder.

In some cases, the wax on the candle holder might have penetrated into the carvings or to other uneven surfaces. If you are in such a situation, you will have to continue scraping until you get the desired result. After that, you can polish the remaining traces of wax from the wood candle holder with the help of a soft cloth.

Some would say that immersing metal candle holders in warm water helps a lot when you are trying to remove wax from its surfaces. However, immersing wooden candle holders in water is not a good idea because it might make the holder unsuitable for use. So, try not to use water when you are removing wax from a wooden candle holder.