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Vital Care Tips for Preserving Organic Wooden Plugs

Vital Care Tips for Preserving Organic Wooden Plugs
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Vital Care Tips for Preserving Organic Wooden Plugs

Jewelry making has evolved with the use of a diverse range of materials than solely relying on precious metals. Wood is the preferred choice for making a variety of jewelry, particularly earplugs, due to their availability in a range of colors and textures as well as the absence of any side effects. Organic wooden plugs come in a variety of different styles and designs that can compliment well with the fashion trends followed by different individuals.

Organic wood plugs have several benefits such as its non-irritation to the skin. Gold and plastic ornaments cause some kinds of irritation that can become quite discomforting to the wearer. Additionally, organic wood plugs are lighter and have odor reducing properties making them ideal for daily wear. However, wood plugs require adequate care to sustain its sheen and other natural properties. Below are some vital care tips for preserving organic wooden plugs.

Soak in Jojoba Oil

It is highly important to wash the plugs using a combination of mild soap and water, especially if using the wooden jewelry daily. After the wash, soak the plugs in jojoba oil for some time. This will fill in all the pores on the surface of the wood, which actually creates a protective coating against the accumulation of dead skin cells. Besides, soaking in jojoba oil can also prevent any changes to the wooden plugs due to moisture buildup. After a few minutes, simply rinse it with cold water to remove the oil deposits from the surface.

Sand the Plugs

It is better to remove the wood plugs from the ear at least once in a week. Cleaning the plugs at periodic intervals and coating a layer of oil on its surface can provide a protective layer that will preserve the vital properties of the plugs. While using daily, the organic plugs may be subjected to some stress that can create rough spots on its surface. In such cases, it is better to sand the rough spots gently so that any roughened portions are removed and the plugs restored to their normal luster.

Coating Wax or Oils

Preserving the luster of the wooden plugs is very much important as it can extend its longevity. Using beeswax or jojoba oil to coat the surface of organic wood plugs can dramatically improve their sheen. Daily wears can cause the color and texture of the wooden jewelry to become dull; a wax or oil coating will restore its luster.