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Why Wooden Combs are Beneficial for the Hair and Scalp

Why Wooden Combs are Beneficial for the Hair and Scalp
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Why Wooden Combs are Beneficial for the Hair and Scalp

It is no surprise that wooden articles are preferred by many due to the many benefits they offer. From wooden utensils to cloth hangers, most households now have an assortment of products made of wood. The reason why most people prefer wooden items is chiefly that they are natural and last longer when compared to other materials like plastic. As a result, household articles that were previously preferred made of plastic are now created out of wood.

Wooden combs are one such thing, which are gaining more and more popularity these days. They are used extensively in homes as well as recommended for professional applications such as makeup. In fact, wooden combs come with a range of benefits that lead many to opt for them to their plastic and metal counterparts.

Wooden combs are perfectly safe to use and do not cause any issues to the hair and scalp such as that when using plastic or metallic combs. Below is why wooden combs are beneficial for the hair and scalp.

Gentler Combing

Wooden combs are made from softer wood materials, and as a result, they are much softer on the hair. They allow gentle combing that does not cause any kind of damage to the hair and the scalp. Moreover, using wooden combs prevents any kind of entangling of hair, which in turn avoids the hair from detaching.

Improved Hair Nourishing

Combing with wooden combs allows for an equitable distribution of the natural oils across the hair. This ensures that each hair is perfectly nourished and conditioned that makes them stay healthy. The smooth teeth of wooden combs can stimulate better circulation in the scalps that will improve the nourishment and growth of hair.

No Static Buildup

The major issue with plastic and metal combs is that they cause a buildup of static electricity in the hair that causes damage and breakage. Wooden combs, on the other hand, do not cause any static electricity when rubbed against the hair, thus preventing any hair loss or damages.

Dandruff Reduction

Repeated combing using plastic and metal combs can further irritate the scalps that cause the occurrence of flaky dandruff and hair fall. Wooden combs have softer teeth that are gentler on the scalp and hair. This will ensure that the scalps are not prone to cuts or bruises, thereby preventing the chances of dandruff.

Provides Bounce to Hair

Wooden combs have the other unique advantage of providing a bounce to the hair. The softer build and teeth of a wooden comb ensure a gentler treatment of the hair besides improving the proper distribution of sebum and air in the scalp and hair, thus providing a bounced up appearance.