Selecting a perfect wooden chess set can seem like a bit of challenging task initially, as there are many different varieties of wooden chess sets available in the market. However, if you are ready to do a little bit of research before buying the product, you will be able to identify the right one for your needs without much effort.

Some customers prefer to buy chessboards and chess pieces separately, while others buy wooden chessboard as a whole set. The latter is a much better and timesaving option. Still, some chess players often ask why they should settle for a wooden chess set. If you are one among them, then below are some of the benefits of wooden chess set that will help you understand why they are the best option available to you.


One of the major reasons for the popularity wooden chessboards and pieces is that they are highly durable when compared to other types of chess sets. People who regularly play chess with their friends and family members often complain that their chessboard and pieces do not last for a greater period of time. If you are in such a situation, it is high time to invest in a wooden chess set.

Classic Look

People who love to preserve their chess set or those who give more importance to traditionally looking items must settle for a wooden chess set instead of looking for other options. The chess pieces that are carved out of attractive and shiny wood pieces bring an aesthetic appeal to your game and it will also urge you to preserve the board just like an art piece.


Several customers used to complain that wooden chess sets are a bit heavy to carry around and even use. This is not the case anymore, as most of the modern wooden chess sets available on the market and extremely lightweight yet still being strong. This can make your gaming a lot more convenient, exciting, and fun. Moreover, you could also carry the chessboard with you when you are hitting the road.

In addition to these three benefits, you will also be able to enjoy the luxury of choosing a color and style you love when you are buying wooden chessboards. This is because wooden chessboards of different styles, designs, and colors, are available aplenty in the market.