Wooden candle holders are widely used in American homes due to their decorative benefits. Their designs range from simple to elaborately carved-out ones using different pieces of timber. In fact, wood is the most suitable material utilized for making candle holders due to its many beneficial properties such as durability, texture, and patterns.

Wood candle holders are designed in such a way to hold candles steadily and to dissipate light effectively across rooms. These holders are also good for displaying natural candles of every type in the home. Wood is the most preferred material for making candle holders and has been used by many ancient civilizations across the world. Below are some useful information regarding wood candle holders.

Types and Style

Wood candle holders are available in different types and styles. This ranges from huge chandelier type hanging candle holders for use in living rooms and smaller ones designed for use in small rooms. African candle holders are known for their distinctive texture and design and look great at any place in the home.

Outdoor candle holders are another type used in American homes these days. These are made from large pieces of wood with holes drilled into the surface for holding the tea lights. Such tea light candle holders are best suited for use in any kind of outdoor events such as parties. Moreover, these types of holders provide sufficient candlelight that can create a certain ambiance in any outdoor spaces such as a garden.


Wooden candle holders are available in a variety of colors. This color is based primarily on two features; the natural color of the wood and the dye, or paint treatments applied on the wood. However, the natural wood color is more sought after in the US due to its distinctive patterns, color, and texture.

Wood candle holders can be found in a variety of natural colors such as pale and dark shades. For contemporary living spaces, pale colored candle holders are the best.

Pine and beach are the most commonly used wood for their pale shades. Dark oak colored candle holders are also equally popular and are used in many traditional settings. Oak has the ability to be carved into various shapes and styles and the color blends well with light colored candles.

Painted and dyed candle holders are available in the market in a wide range of colors. This makes them suitable for complementing with the color scheme and furnishings of a home.