Wood is the most commonly used material to make plugs. Although plugs are also made from numerous other materials such as glass, steel, and acrylic, wood is the preferred material due to its many notable properties such as its lightweight and porous nature. For use in piercings, this provides breathable properties to the plug thereby making it a healthy choice in wearing.


Besides, the availability of wood in different shades and materials offers it the perfect adornment to wear. Wooden plugs are made from several types of wood, and the wood used for making plugs differs in their properties such as color, shade, and texture. Below are some of the types of wood used for making wooden plugs.


Sono Wood


Sono wood is used extensively in making wooden plugs due to its unique characteristics such as color and texture. It is darker in color with light and dark streaks distributed throughout. The texture is the key feature of sono wood and is shaped in numerous patterns. When carved for wooden plugs, the surface of sono wood is much smoother and shiny making it ideal for wearing.


Areng Wood


Areng wood is used extensively for making ornaments and wooden plugs. The wood retains a fine texture and soft finish after polishing. This soft texture and shiny appearance have made it extensively popular for making plugs. The popularity of areng ebony wood is also the major reason for it to be used for making wood plugs.




Redwood is renowned for the variety of uses that it has such as in furniture and home decorations. The texture of redwood is grainy and is colored deep red. Polishing redwood alters the surface into a glossy and smooth nature. It is used for making wooden plugs considering its material and texture.


Palm Wood


Palm wood is widely used for making wooden plugs as it is a better eco-friendly alternative to using hardwoods. The wood is known for its rugged texture that combines well with the altering dark and light shades of the surface. Moreover, this distinctive feature of dark and light stripes is preferred for making jewelry such as piercings.


Cherry Wood


Cherry wood is used for making furniture and is known for its reddish brown color and shade. It also consists of a much softer grain and texture, which has made it preferable for jewelry making. Moreover, the smooth finish of the cherry wood is preferable for making plugs and other ornaments.