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Marbled Wood Bead Keychain

Marbled Wood Bead Keychain

Marbled Wood Bead Keychain

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Supplies Needed

2 Wooden Ball Beads, 5/8”, item #BDB-58-316

4 Wooden Ball Beads, 5/8”, item #BDB-34-316

Acrylic paint

Metallic Acrylic paint




Small disposable cups

Disposable plates

Key ring or lobster clasp

15 inches thin suede cord


  1. 1. Start by skewering each ball bead with a toothpick. Prepare a small cup for each bead to dry on (and drip into).

  2. 2. Pour a puddle of the acrylic paint onto the disposable plate. Near it, pour a smaller amount of the metallic paint.

  3. 3. Dip a bead partly into the colored paint, then roll one side of it into the metallic paint. Lift the bead by both ends of the toothpick, and twist it in different directions to marbleize the paints.

  4. 4. If necessary, dip the bead into paint again if the swirling does not completely cover it, and twist again. Then balance the ends of the toothpick over the rim of the cup.

  5. 5. Do the same with the other beads, varying the amounts of metallic paint for different effects.

  6. 6. Let painted beads dry overnight, or until completely dry.

  7. 7. Fold the cord in half, and lay it on a flat surface. Place the key ring or clasp on top of the folded part of the cord, so that a loop of cord is contained within the circle of the key ring.

  8. 8. Take the loose ends of the cord and put them into the loop of cord in the key ring. Pull the loose ends through from the opposite side, until tight.

  9. 9. String the beads along the doubled cord.

  10. 10 Tie a knot at the end of the doubled cord. Enjoy!