• Mini Forest Pixies Place Cards

Mini Forest Pixies Place Cards

Mini Forest Pixies Place Cards
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Learn how to create these cute, mini, forest pixie place cards to use at all your dining events!

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Supplies Needed :

For each placecard you will need:

1 small wooden “baby”, item #PPBBY-118

1 wooden disc, item # CIR-134

1 acorn

1 leaf, premade fabric or cut from fabric or felt

Other supplies needed:

Metallic copper marker

Tacky glue


Fine black permanent marker


1. Carefully separate each acorn cap from the acorn.

2. Using tacky glue, glue an acorn cap “hat” onto each “baby”s head. You can use different sized acorn caps, and place them at different angles, to achieve different styles and personalities.

3. Glue a leaf around each forest pixie’s body, placing the leaves at various angles, and cutting off extra fabric where necessary.

4. Draw features on each face using the fine black permanent marker. You may want to mark it first with pencil.

5. Color the rim of each wooden disc with the metallic marker.

6. Write each guest’s name in a semicircular shape on the disc, following the edge of the disc, using the metallic marker.

7. Draw an outline around each letter with the fine black marker.

8. Glue each forest person onto a disc, setting it slightly back from the center so it does not cover the name.

9. Enjoy charming your guests with your autumn-themed place cards.

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