• Peppermint Gift Tags

Peppermint Gift Tags

Peppermint Gift Tags
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Create these beautiful, peppermint, gift tags just in time for the Holidays!

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Supplies Needed:  

For each set of gift tags you will need:

1 wooden spiral,  item #DPS-38-3

1 wooden disc, item # CIR-112


Other supplies needed:



paint, red and white

red fine permanent marker

cellophane (transparent)

ribbon, silver and/ or white as desired



1.  Paint each spiral white. Paint both sides and the edges of each wooden disc white. Let dry.

2. Paint a thin line of red along the spiral groove of each wooden spiral. You may prefer to use the red permanent marker to do this step.

3. Cut a square of cellophane, and 2 10-12-inch pieces of ribbon for each candy stick. The square of cellophane should be about one inch longer on each side than the candy stick.

4. Roll up each candy stick in the cellophane square.

5. Tie a ribbon tightly around the extra cellophane edges, close to the end of each candy stick. Make a bow, and cut off any extra edges.

6. Using the red permanent marker, write a gift recipient’s name on each wooden disc. Decorate as desired, with stripes, spirals, or a border on the edge.

7. Wrap each peppermint candy disc in cellophane.

8. Tie a short length- of ribbon around the cellophane on each side of the disc to form a classic-wrapped candy look. Spread out the cellophane on each side so that it ruffles a bit.

9. Attach one set of gift tags to each gift-wrapped gift.


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