• Snowmen Figurines

Snowmen Figurines

Snowmen Figurines
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Supplies Needed

2 Large Snowman Candlesticks, item #SNWC-534 

1 Small Snowman, item #SNW-218

1 Mini Snowman, item # SNW-11332

2 Small Snowmen, item # SNW-278  

2 ¾” “Headlights”, item #HL-34



Paint, black and white


Black fine permanent marker

1/8” yard fabric

Orange oven-dry clay

Small black beads, any shape

1 small fabric flower

Tacky glue

Candles for the large snowmen





    1.Paint each snowman white. Paint the 2 “headlights” white. Let dry well.

    2.Form a carrot “nose” for each snowman out of the orange clay, and bake as per the instructions. Create larger noses for the adult snowpeople, and small ones for the little ones.

    3.Paint the hat of each snowman black. Paint the larger, round ends of the “headlights” black, too. Let dry.

    4.Using tacky glue, glue a carrot nose onto the center of each snowman’s face.

    5.Use tacky glue to stick on beads as eyes for the large snowmen. Do the same for the small snowmen, or draw their features with the permanent marker. The small snowman with a flat-topped hat will be standing on his head and can have a surprised or excited expression, as shown.

    6.Use beads or permanent marker to make buttons for each snowperson.

    7.Cut the fabric into strips and tie them around the snowmen’s necks.

    8.Turn the flat-hatted small snowman upside down, and use tacky glue to attach the “headlights”, at their narrow ends to the bottom of the snowman, as boots.

    9.Set up your wintery display, and enjoy, with or without candles. Always use metal candle inserts for safety, if lighting the candles.




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