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Wood Cribbage Pegs

Love playing Cribbage? Lost your wood cribbage pegs? Here at Woodpeckers, we carry a variety of wooden cribbage pegs that are perfect for you. These ¼ inch pegs have a tapered body that fits standard boards. Made from solid wood, these cribbage pins come in a variety of colors including red, blue, black, walnut, and unfinished wood.

Attractive on your board and comfortable in your hands, these spare pegs for your cribbage board will have you playing in no time. Create your own custom cribbage pegs to impress your cribbage partner. Don’t let lost pegs stop your fun. Keep some of these on hand as replacement pegs for your cribbage board.

Woodpeckers is the best wood crafts store for wooden game pieces and wood crafts. We also have a large variety of other wood crafts. What makes us unlike other wood craft shops is that we offer our products in bulk, so be sure to check out our wholesale and discount volume prices to get the best price on our wooden cribbage markers and more!