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Wooden Candle Holder Guide

Wooden Candle Holder Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Wooden Candle Holder Guide

Are you ready to completely transform your home decor? Good! Because Woodpeckers' unfinished candle holders offer the perfect way to decorate your dining table, living room, or any part of your home that you like! But before we look at some of the awesome items you can find in our store, let’s break down absolutely everything you need to know about wooden candlesticks and candle holders!

What are wood candle holders?

Natural wood candle holders are decorative wooden pieces that can do exactly what you would expect — hold candles! Wooden candle holders can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and their versatility makes them a staple of DIY crafting. Whether you want something simple and rustic or elaborate and ornate, wooden candle holders can turn your dream into a reality!

Just make sure that you’re getting the right holder/candle combo before you make a purchase, as some holders are used for taper candles while others are best for pillar candles. It’s also important to remember that there are different ways of securing a candle in a wooden candle holder. Large wooden candle holders are deep enough to stabilize most candles, but if you need a little something extra to keep your candles perfectly straight in their holders, you can opt for metal candle inserts. Metal inserts for candle holders make it easier to keep your candles looking perfect at all times!

And while you might expect to see a long wooden candle holder as a dinner table centerpiece, the truth is that these holders can be used for many different spaces. From your mantlepiece to your coffee table, the sky’s the limit! Whether you want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your kitchen or a beautiful display on your windowsill, natural birch wood candle holders can truly make your home look beautiful.

Can you use wood as a candle holder?

Absolutely! While many candle holders are made out of ceramic, glass, or metal, you can definitely use wood for your candle holders. That said, wood holders allow you to do more DIY art with paint, wood finish, or oils, which can be highly flammable. This is why wooden holders are best suited for decorative purposes. However, if you do want to use them with candles, you can! Just be sure to take the necessary precautions.

Additionally, we recommend never leaving candles unattended (more on that below). If you choose to burn candles in your wooden holders, do not let them burn lower than 1.5” above the holder. This applies whether you are using metal inserts or not. Wood is beautiful, but it can also catch on fire very, very easily!

Wooden candle holder safety tips

While wood makes a great material for candle holders, you have to be extremely careful when using wooden holders with an open flame. Why? Because wood can burn (of course!), which means that you should never let your candles burn down below an inch-and-a-half, as it could cause your beautiful holders to catch fire! A good safety tip for all candle use is to never leave your candles unattended, regardless of what kind of holder you use. We cannot overstate this part enough: if you want to use an open flame with your wood candle holder, always be ready to rescue your holder before it is too late!

If you’re using a wooden candle holder with a tealight candle, you’ll want to make sure that the liquified wax doesn’t spill over onto the wood. While candlewax is easy to clean off, the hot wax could discolor your wood or even start a fire. So, make sure to keep a close eye on tealight candles and try to keep the wax at least a few millimeters below the edge of the metal or plastic cup.

Popular wood candle holder styles

Now that you know a bit more about wooden candle holders, it’s time to check out some of the most popular styles!

Small wooden candle holders

Small wooden candle holders like the Bean Pot Candle Cup are great for coffee or side tables in just about any part of the home. You can also arrange multiple smaller holders together to create a beautiful centerpiece or decorative holiday display.

Wooden candle cups

Wooden candle cups are small, easy to handle, and super cute! Their simple design can be adorned with your own DIY ideas, making them a great way to customize your home decor. Some great options include the Country Candle Cup, Flared Candle Cup, and Classic Candle Cup.

Wood taper candle holders

Taper candles are long, thin candles that are often used in candelabras and even old-fashioned chandeliers! The best wood taper candle holders are typically carved to look like classic stick candle holders, with a capital that is tall and slender enough to hold taper candles in place. If you want to add a touch of fun to your next party with taper candles, check out our adorable 3” candle sticks!

Wood pillar candle holders

Pillar candles are much wider than taper candles, so you’ll need a wooden holder that can accommodate their size. Our Classic Candle Cup is a great option! Just make sure that you size up your candles and holder before you buy anything to ensure that everything fits together perfectly.

Tall wooden candle holders

Tall wooden candle holders literally scream elegance (ok, not literally, but still), and Woodpeckers has a ton of great options to choose from. We’re not talking 3 or 4 inches, either. If you’re really into tall candle holders, try out our 9-inch, 10-inch, or 11-inch candlesticks!

Wooden tealight holders

Wooden tealight candle holders are unique insofar as the candle holder is much, much larger than the candle itself. Take our Wood Cube Candle Holder, for example. It offers a big, minimalist design to keep your tiny tealight candles safe and cozy!

Unique ways to use wooden candle holders

Everybody needs a little creative inspiration from time to time. And who says that wooden candle holders only have to hold candles? If you just want to get unfinished wood candle holders and set them on your coffee table, that’s great! But if you’re on the lookout for cool DIY uses for wooden candle holders, we’ve got you covered! Check out some of our ideas below:

  • Change holder - If you’re always misplacing your keys or wallet, we feel your pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to go scrounging through your couch cushions if you have a place to put your jewelry, change, and everything else crowding your pockets. By simply gluing a small plate to the top of your wooden candle holder, you can make it into a fun and practical place to keep your pocket change!
  • Tiered Trays - Tiered trays allow you to have multiple trays of different sizes and different levels along a vertical stand. They are a great fit for afternoon tea, birthday parties, or even wedding decorations!
  • Riser Displays - Do you want to show off a plaque or elevate a special decoration in your home? If so, you can use candle holders of varying heights with plywood to create beautiful DIY rise displays!
  • Ornamental pedestal - If you want to create seasonal or even year-round decorations, you have a lot of different options with wood candle holders. From pinecones to Christmas tree ornaments, you can use tons of different things to create fantastic wooden pedestals for family and friends to enjoy!

Did you enjoy our wooden candle holder guide? Be sure to let us know in the comments and check out our selection of wooden candle holders to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!