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Our Woodshop to Warehouse Story

We started out in a tiny house.

Designated our garage as the woodshop, cut our porch in half to make a "showroom", set up an “office” on the dining room table. (And appointed our adorable little kiddos as product testers :).)An artsy mom and a handy dad, we were just the team for creating kiddie craft projects. (Right? What could be complicated?)

Well. Our first few craft kits were rather... inefficient to mass produce. But we had young blood and didn’t think much about such "minor details". We just sweated and did whatever it took. (Including chopping checker pieces from a dowel using a saw -- and ducking when the pieces flew out. Not recommended.)

Local camps and schools were thrilled with our original, ready-to-craft kits, and the word spread far past our New Jersey town. When the boxes began to overtake the living room and the sawdust crept its way into the kitchen…

'twas time for our first warehouse.

(And lots of other “firsts”. One day we’ll write a book, “Adventures at the Woodpeckers Warehouse” :D. But long story short -- )

At the new place, Woodpeckers branched out. (pardon the pun!) We started selling wood cutouts, cubes, dowels -- open-ended stuff so people could craft their own way.

(for all you don’t-tell-me-how-to-do-it creatives ;))

We turned out beautiful wooden art surfaces --



And people kept asking for more!

And telling their friends and spreading the word, one crafter to another.

Well, crafters and woodworkers are our favorite people. When you ask, we answer. So we just kept expanding ("Time for an on-site photography room"), adjusting ("We need to cut thicker circles."), and adding new beauties to our collection.

You make creative magic…

And we’re so grateful to be a part of it!