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Balls, Blocks & Beads

Are you….

  • Super creative?
  • STEM enthusiast?
  • A quality- discerning consumer?

You’re in the right place;). 

These wooden beads, balls, and blocks are your blank canvas - perfect for all kinds of homemade projects, to unleash the most creativity. Go ahead and steal the show!

These Balls Blocks and Beads are Awesome.

If you're a super creative artsy gal or guy, then these wooden beads for crafts are a must have. With ball beads, barrel beads, macrame beads, or unique geometric beads, the possibilities are practically endless! The truth? Nothing is better than homemade jewelry or home decor. You can even pair up some bead balls with our cutouts or wooden trays for some cool risers or tiered tray ideas. Use wooden split balls, round balls, wooden blocks and beads to bring your home decor and wardrobe from nice, to jaw-dropping-awesome. 

When quality meets hardwood... 

These are super-solid wooden crafts that’ll definitely last! Plus, we’ve got so many different sizes and shapes here at Woodpeckers, all made of beautiful birch wood. And we’ve left these beautiful wooden balls, round wood blocks, and wood beads....UNFINISHED.  Our craft parts are always smooth and pre-sanded. And they've got a beautiful and clean grain so your craft can *sparkle*. Perfectly round? Check. True to size? Absolutely. And they have a smooth-as-glass surface with no defects. Seriously, you won’t be able to get enough of them!

Your budding little one.

Looking to broaden their minds with some creative, open-ended play? Give your little one the gift of stacking and building skills, without concern for splinters. These Woodpeckers creations are great for fine-motor skills, cognitive development and all that good stuff. Sanded smooth with a beautiful wood grain, these balls blocks and beads are great for sensory stimulation, math manipulatives and junior engineering. You can even arrange a group activity and throw in some communication skills and social skill development! There goes some free bonus-points for super-mom!

Good News!

We know you’re loving our wooden parts as much as we do;). And guess what? All of these items are available to you in bulk and or wholesale pricing. Buy more, pay less, and craft more!