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Wood Triangle Cutouts

Why is the Triangle the Strongest Shape?

The triangle shape will support weight evenly, unlike other shapes. Combine that with our birch plywood, and these wooden triangles are double strong. ¼” thick and ready to handle your paint pours/resin. 

Tessellating Triangle Wood Pieces

Hands-on learning fans, get your geometry manipulatives at Woodpeckers. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Wooden shapes so fun, your li’l learners may just forget they’re doing math :) Woo-hoo!

Unfinished Wood Triangles for Crafts

We know cutouts. You know how to craft ‘em to match your style! Want beautiful wood-burning shapes? Unfinished wood plaques for a DIY wall art set? Start your  DIY craft journey with these!

Craft Wood Pieces in Bulk Quantities - and save!

Savings come in big packages. Stock up on your wood shapes, so you’ll always have a supply ready for a crafting urge. With our bulk & wholesale pricing, the more wood crafts you buy, the more you’ll save.