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Wood Letter & Number Cutouts

Magical Wooden Numbers and Letters

It's magical: a simple wood cutout can become a hanger, wall decor, party decor and much more! There are so many ways to personalize wooden letters and numbers.

How do you cutout?

  1. Choose your cutout. Which size and shape do you want? (choices, choices, choices!)

  2. Decide what you want to use it for: 

(Here’s where the decisions really get tough…)

Will you use your cutout for your home, classroom, or office? As labels for walls, bins, and doors? How about using your wood letters and wood numbers for crafts? Or even a gift topper?

Think names, quotes, wooden letters for walls, signs, centerpieces… we can go on and on! (But we know you’re raring to go already, so we’ll stop ;)

  1. Decorate your unfinished wood letters or numbers! Use paint, glitter, washi tape, decoupage… aah! Decorating Heaven! 

Now you get to display your wood craft  masterpiece! Hang it, add it to your latest project, or use it to decorate your home. 

Want to share the fun? Decorating wooden numbers and letters is a great activity to do with kids. Bond over crafts with these fun cutouts! And it gets better: need bulk wood letters or numbers for a class project? We offer bulk wood cutouts and volume pricing on our wood cutouts and wood crafts.