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Wooden Balls

Wooden Balls For Crafts

Meet our (love them 1,000 ways) unfinished wood balls for crafts. They will...

    • help you have a uniform and consistently beautiful craft - and you’ll always know exactly what size you’re getting 


    • always be craft-ready - and since they’re turned from birch wood, wait till you run your hands over the super-smooth top + bottom (and you’ll get better results than turning balls on your own!)

If you’re looking for the qualitiest-of-the-quality decorative wooden balls for crafts or your DIY home décor project, Woodpeckers wood balls check all the boxes.

    • Hardwood? Check. (Birch, to be exact.)
    • Smooth and pre-sanded? You betcha. 
    • Sized accurately? (Yup, that means no inconsistencies.)

Wood Ball Crafts

Whether you're a crafter on a DIY home art décor mission, or a teacher or parent looking for a fun and easy kids craft for a classroom art project, our unfinished wooden spheres and unfinished wooden craft balls are a solid choice (no pun intended ;).) 

We’ve got sizes from 1/4” (those are very, very small wood balls) all the way to 4”. 

In search of trendy & chic split balls? Check out our selection of wooden split balls. Looking for wooden craft balls with holes? Take a look at our round wooden beads collection. We’ve also got a fantastic selection of wooden circle cutouts if you’re searching for a flat circle. 

Buy Wooden Balls At Woodpeckers

Check out our wholesale and volume discount pricing- because the more you buy, the more you save! Use our volume discount chart to see how you can purchase your specific quantities of wood balls with bulk and wholesale prices.