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Waldorf & Loose Parts Play

Loose parts, open-ended play activities, and natural wooden toys are awesome! 

But what if you want a whole playroomfull of open-ended play goodness and totally natural toys - at a price that’s sustainable? 

If you’ve been thinking there must be an easiermore affordable and craftier way to get beautiful, simple, and classic wooden toys, you’re right. 

All you need is some natural dyes or paint. And our perfectly DIY unfinished wood toys!

Our wooden toys parts are

  • Safe and all-natural wood (Mother Nature’s gift to little kids and moms!)
  • Made of premium Baltic birch (If you’re buying DIY wooden toys for toddlers and kids, it’s gotta be safe.
  • Beautifully unfinished (give it some beeswax shine and leave as is, or go for colors and rainbows with natural dye, paint, or stain) 

The importance of loose parts play is undeniable. But if you’re struggling with how to encourage open-ended play, there’s no better way than getting your kids involved in creating their own homemade wooden toys. 

Looking for open-ended play ideas? Start with our wooden stacking toys and wooden rainbow toys (always a favorite wooden educational toy!), and our Waldorf-style loose parts which are great manipulatives and are perfect for sensory bins and set-ups. 

Woodpeckers is your source for unfinished wooden craft parts, and now for DIY Montessori-style wooden toys as well! 

Whether you’re looking for wooden sensory toys, wooden rainbow stacking toys, or Waldorf-style wooden toys, we’ve got just what you need, at the quality and price you expect. 

Check out our wholesale and volume discount pricing- because the more you buy, the more you save!