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Wood Cutting Board Shapes

Wood Cutting Board Crafts

A completely unfinished craft cutting board, ready for painting. Woodpeckers wood cutouts are always pre-sanded, so you can get straight to the fun with no achy arms! Searching for that perfect match to your kitchen decor? Quit searching - DIY your own painted cutting board shapes.

Knife-Strong Chopping Board Shapes

Made of 1/4” Baltic birch plywood, our wooden cutouts are sturdy and durable. Paint pour, woodburn, resin…These wood shapes for crafts will look charming all the way from naturalness to masterpiece. 

Types of Cutting Boards

These wood cutouts for crafts are charcuterie boards in the making, and we’ve got 3 styles to choose from. There’s the cheese board shape that comes with a handle, for easy carrying and cool cutting board designs. (Try your resin art or wood burning cutting board ideas on these!) For amazing cutting board decor with flair, try our cutting board shape with a wider middle.Need a big charcuterie board shape? Our round edged cutting board is the way to go.

If you want a DIY tiered tray display, pair our wooden trays/wood circles with our candle holders and ball knobs for a drool worthy piece.

Wood Cutting Boards for Crafts, Sized Just Right

Serve in style with unique wood cutting board shapes. Pull out a 12” wooden chopping board when you’re hosting a couple or two, the 14” board for those in-between presentations, and the 16” for that jumbo charcuterie board display. Guaranteed to be a cutting edge above the rest ;) 

Unique Cutting Boards Cutouts At Unique Pricing

It’s not just unusual cutting board cutout quality - you’ll get unusually low bulk and wholesale pricing when you buy these cutting board shapes. That means the more you buy, the more you’ll save. It’s as simple as that. Disclaimer: We take no responsibility if they’re all out of stock cuz everyone’s running to buy them…