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Baltic Birch Plywood B/BB Sheets

Woodpeckers has the best plywood for sale. Whether you’re a crafter or a woodworker, our craft plywood matches the quality you need with the affordable price you’re searching for. Be sure to check out our large selection of sheets of plywood for all of your plywood projects. We offer the best selection of Birch plywood around!

Is plywood quality wood? Yes! Our plywood is a high grade of wood. Graded at B/BB, our unfinished plywood is known for its strength, durability, and beauty. Such a high grade of plywood means that it is smooth, comes pre-sanded, and has few knots. This makes plywood perfect for laser cutting, wood burning, CNC cutting, and crafting. Our plywood is commonly used for building custom dollhouses, step stools, custom wood cutouts, DIY wood shelves, DIY wood tables, and so much more…the possibilities are endless.

Because our plywood is unfinished, you can put your own touch on your final project. You can paint, stain, and embellish your plywood craft with glitter, sequins, beads, and more! When you’re done with your craft, add hardware, and hang it up to display your unique craft!

What size does plywood come in? Plywood is available in a variety of sizes. However, our plywood is available in sizes ranging from 5” to 20” with thicknesses ranging from 3mm (1/8th inch) to 6mm (¼”), which is perfect for crafting and woodworking.

Woodpeckers is the best wood crafts store for plywood and other wood crafts. We even offer our products in bulk, so be sure to check out our wholesale and discount volume prices to get the best price on plywood.