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Get your all-access pass to exciting perks & exclusive rewards with Woodpeckers Wood Chip Rewards.

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How does it work?



Create an account & start shopping


Earn Points

Receive 1 Wood Chip for every dollar you spend



Use your Wood Chips towards any purchase

Every 200 Wood Chips gets you $5 off your order.

Ways to earn more


Sign up
75 Wood Chips


Place an order
1 Wood Chip for
every $1 spent


Celebrate a
115 Wood Chips


Follow the inspiration
on instagram
50 Wood Chips


Post review on
50 Wood Chips


Post a review + images
100 Wood Chips

Refer a friend


They Get

10% off Coupon


You Get

210 Wood Chip Rewards

FAQ About Wood Chip Rewards

How do I earn Wood Chips?

As soon as you create a customer account at Woodpeckers Crafts, you’ll get 75 points just for signing up – and you’ll keep automatically earning more points with every purchase you make. Want to earn even more? Join the crafting inspiration on Instagram or post a review on Oh, and you’ll get 115 Wood Chips on your birthday, just because. Sweet? Sweet!

How do I redeem my Wood Chips?

Click on the Wood Chip Rewards icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, make sure you’re signed in, and then click redeem. Use the slider to decide how many of your points you want to use on this purchase. Hit the redeem button– and when you check out, you’ll see the credit in the rewards tab and it will automatically be deducted from your total.

How can I check how many Wood Chip points I have?

Hit the Wood Chip Rewards icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, and it’ll display the amount of Wood Chips you have on the top of the popup. If you don’t see the number of points displayed, make sure you are signed in.

What do I get when I redeem my Wood Chips?

Wood Chips. Just kidding! For every 200 Wood Chips you redeem, you get $5 off your order.

Do my Wood Chips expire?

Nope! They’re yours, forever & ever, amen.

Can I save my rewards and earn more?

Clever! You can absolutely save your Wood Chips, and watch your stockpile groooow until you’re ready to save, save, save.

How do I refer a friend?

Friends don’t let friends miss out! Click on the Wood Chips Reward icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and scroll down to “Refer your friends.” Copy that little link, or share it via email or Facebook, to claim your reward (and spread the smiles!).

How can I get Woodpeckers Crafts coupon codes?

We pride ourselves on our industry low prices. We also offer a volume discount chart for each product, and it’s available to all our customers. Whether you’re buying just a single piece, or stocking up with a bulk order, you’ll save at Woodpeckers Crafts.