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Boxes, Chests & Buckets

Unfinished Wooden Boxes for Crafts

Boxes should be made to match your décor, not the other way around. With our selection of unfinished wood boxes for crafts,  you can put a stop to running around trying to find that perfect accent piece. Craft wooden boxes to match any décor or style, and finish with a charming DIY version to wow your guests.

From Small Wooden Boxes for Crafting to Large Wooden Chest Box

Whether you’re looking for a cute wooden trinket box, wood chest or a coffin shaped wooden box, Woodpeckers is the place to go! 

Wooden Box With Lid for Sensory Play

Wooden Play Trays join beautifully with our mini wooden boxes with lids. (See our apple, vanity, pumpkin, bean pot, and round wooden box shapes.) Decorate the wood box for crafts and then, set them up for pouring, playing sensory fun.

Wooden Craft Boxes Wholesale

Get your wooden box crafts wholesale aaand with volume discounts at Woodpeckers Crafts. Utilize our tiered pricing to save, save, save on bulk unfinished wood boxes. (plus other quality wooden parts ;)