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Arbor Foundation Partnership

500 MILLION TREES.(per the Arbor Day Foundation) 1000s OF COMMUNITIES. AND ONE PERSON WHO CARES.

At Woodpeckers Crafts, there’s only one thing more precious to us than our loyal customers.

The beautiful, beautiful trees that protect our planet, create healthy communities, and make creativity possible.

Giving Back

The only thing standing between trees and deforestation is the global commitment to planting trees for our future.

Leading the charge for education and caring is the Arbor Day Foundation. Founded in 1972, the centennial of the first Arbor Day celebration, the Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit dedicated to planting trees.

Through their programs, and with the help of their partners, they have planted more than 350 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone.

That’s where we, and you, come in.

Since 2018, Woodpeckers has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant more trees in communities around the world.

Can you really help the environment just by purchasing wooden craft supplies?

We knew the answer should be YES!

Partnering with the Foundation is the perfect way for us to help all our customers make an impact.

With every purchase you make of $150 or more, Woodpeckers Crafts will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation.

A tree will be planted in your honor, one that will help support the growth of our forests and help them flourish for years to come.

Shop Woodpeckers Crafts for quality craft supplies

Spend $150 or more at Woodpeckers

Get a tree planted by the Foundation in your honor

Are you an expert on all things trees?
How ‘bout a little quiz!

Ready for a game of TRUE or FALSE?
Hover your mouse or tap on the box to see if you guessed right!

More than sixty-six million Americans rely on a National Forest as their source of fresh water.

Yup, it’s true. Clean water is the most important resource in the world - and forested areas supply 75% of the world’s accessible freshwater. Think about that next time you hit the water cooler!

Trees can move.

Okay, this is a trick one! Trees can’t move, but their population centers can slowly migrate due to climate change. They can move about 10 miles per decade.

Tree rings can help predict and understand climate change.

Also true! A tree’s rings can also indicate the occurrence of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions or droughts, or even rising temperatures.

Having large trees in yards can increase a home’s value from 3% to 15%.

Absolutely! Homebuyers will pay premium prices to be near greener spaces.

If you hang a birdhouse on a tree branch, it will move up as the tree grows.

Nopes- over my dead tree! This one is false! Trees grow from the top and your dear birdhouse will stay right where it is.

Trees have no way to defend themselves against insects.

Thankfully, this one’s false! Scientists now know that trees can warn other trees of an insect attack by releasing a chemical called phenolics. Some can even release a chemical that makes their leaves harder for the pests to digest.

Tree roots are only below ground. Right? Right.

Um, no! A diverse cross-section of plant species have aerial roots, including orchids and tropical coastal swamp trees such as mangroves and banyan figs.

Trees have a "nationality".

True! More than half of all tree species exist in only one country. Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia having the most native tree species. (Psst- this makes trees even more vulnerable.)

Deforestation is a process that’s happening slowly.

False- unfortunately. Deforestation amounts to about 81,000 square miles every year — the equivalent of 60,000 soccer fields each day.

These life-giving beauties, a vital component to healthy and sustainable living, need our support now more than ever.

We’ve planted over 2,000 trees. And we’re on track to plant 5,000 more by the end of the year.

The next one can be yours.

Discover wooden craft parts that help plant trees*

* By purchasing $150 worth of our wooden craft parts, we donate a tree in the customer's honor.

For more information on how you can make an impact, visit