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These wooden wheels are crafted from pre-sanded, smooth Birch wood. The toy wagon wheels for crafts are perfectly round, free of knots and uniform, so your toy cars will roll along with perfect balance.

These are excellent quality toy wood wheels for all your toy cars, trucks, wagons, and trains. Made from smooth, splinter-free wood, they are completely safe for little kids’ fingers.

Besides for being sturdy wood wheels for your toy cars and trucks, wagon wheels these are perfect wooden wheels for crafts, too. Transform the mini wooden wheels into spinning tops, painted doughnuts, or use them to create miniature scenes and figures or you can use them as a steering wheel.

Easily decorate these wood toy wheels with paint, wood stain or marker. Attach the wheels to your toy vehicles with wooden axles by Woodpeckers and enjoy the smoothest-rolling toy cars in town.

Keep your toy cars and wagons rolling!

Wood Wheels