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Wooden Split Dowel Rods

Pairs Well With Your Woodworking Project

Used our best-selling craft plywood to build your own furniture? Half round dowels will finish it off. These are the wooden dowels the DIY stars use for out-of-the-box furniture upgrades. And it’s so easy! Create fluted designs on kitchen cabinetry, dowel feature walls, or come up with your own unique twist. 

Quality Split Wood Dowels

We may not be the best at everything, but we sure know wooden split dowels. Ours are:

  • Clean (no sticky labels to take off before using)
  • Smooth (no sanding necessary)
  • Sturdy birch wood

Half Cut Dowels, All Straight

We’ve got all the dowel accessories you need for your DIY project. Straight split dowel rods a hard-to-find rarity? Not at Woodpeckers! Keep your fingers safe from nicks— get your dowels pre-split, lickety straight, and ready to work with as soon as they arrive.

Bulk & Wholesale Pricing

At Woodpeckers, we believe if you’re buying 1000, you shouldn’t have to pay the same price as if you were buying 1. We believe there shouldn’t have to be a middleman upping the prices. We believe everyone should have a chance for wholesale pricing. So that’s why we offer bulk & wholesale pricing everyday to everyone. Check out our volume discount chart to see how it works.

What Is a Wooden Dowel?

Wooden dowels are round wooden sticks that come in different lengths. Cut dowels in half lengthwise and you get split dowels.   

How to Split a Dowel Rod in Half

Getting those wooden dowels cut in half takes precision, patience, and…frustration? You can use the traditional method of sawing to split your dowel rods in half, or you can save yourself the hassle with our pre-split wooden dowels.