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Wood Summer & July Fourth Cutouts

Summer Wood Cutouts For Summer

Woodpeckers has the best summer themed wood cutouts for sale. From pineapple wood cutouts to cactus cutouts, flag cutouts, ice cream cutouts, and more, these unfinished summer shapes make the most adorable DIY summer craft for both kids and adults. Whether you’re searching for summer crafts for your home, easy summer crafts for kids, or a summer craft “just for fun”, we have it! We offer the best selection of summer inspired wooden cutouts around!

Summer Wood Cutout Shapes

Our cutouts are made of Birch are pre-sanded, smooth, and ready for you to create! This smoothness also guarantees that these cutouts are a safe wooden craft for young children to handle and to display around your home. Make these cutouts your own. Use paint, wood stain, glitter, stickers, sequins, or markers to customize and decorate your custom creation. When you’re done, hang your wooden heart up in your home, classroom, yard, or front porch to show it off!

Where To Buy Summer Themed Wood Cutouts

Woodpeckers is the best wood crafts store for wood cutouts and other wood crafts. We even offer our products in bulk, so be sure to check out our wholesale and discount volume prices to get the best price on our wooden summer themed wood cutouts and other wooden crafts.