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Wooden Miniatures

Are you a miniature-lover and quality obsessed? 

These miniature craft supplies will make you real happy. 

  • Always unfinished (match any style)
  • Ready for crafting (bye-bye splinters)
  • Solid birch (made to last)

DIY Mini Crafts, Mega Cute

Got a nook that needs a little love? Brighten up your space with these decor pieces. The smooth mini kitchen utensils are a sweet addition to your li’l one’s play tray or craft embellishment too.

Irresistible DIY Wooden Dollhouse Kits Start At Woodpeckers

You’ll want to make your dollhouse kits wooden after looking at our selection! We’ve got durable birch plywood to craft miniature furniture – and adorable wood miniatures to get that lived-in look. 

Interested in inspiration beyond your favorite blogs? Check out the cool DIY wood dollhouse crafts that other woodworkers and creators have made with our products.

Buy 1 or 101

Bet you don’t like to be locked into specific pack amounts! We don’t either. But we also wanted savings for those bulk purchases of mini arts and crafts. Enter - tiered pricing. Where buying more = more savings. Check out the volume discount charts on every product page to see how cheap craft miniatures can be. 


Best Wood for Miniatures

Like solid and sturdy? So do we! That’s why we use premium birch wood to make most of our wood turnings – including our miniatures. We love birch for its durability and beautiful wood grain, and we know you will too.

How to Paint Wood Miniatures

We left our wood miniatures unfinished, so your creativity can shine! These are miniature items for crafts that wow – and you can paint them up to match any room decor or style.