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Wood Picture Frames

Unfinished Picture Frames

If personality makes a difference, it’s Woodpeckers you want. Plain wooden frames have a homey, rustic vibe. And unfinished wood frames mean you can make them uniquely yours. 

Pick the frame that fits your family character and start crafting your dream decor. 

Display Photos With DIY Style

Some of our unfinished wood picture frames for crafts come with stands for decorating desks or your mantlepiece. All of them can be hung on the wall. 

For something a little more out of the box, try our puzzle piece cutouts or nifty photo box

Though the beauty of our raw wood picture frames may just make you want to keep them unfinished…

Unfinished wood frames for crafts become gifts with a personalized touch.

Tune up plain wood picture frames for a simple but super effective gift. Photos and handmade goodness – I mean, what else can they ask for? 

These paintable picture frames are perfect for rainy day crafting activities, birthday parties, or school art. Want some craft inspiration? Coming right up here on our blog :) 

Unfinished Wood Frames Bulk

Utilize our volume discounts and wholesale pricing to get cheap unfinished wood frames. That’s cheap, as in the prices. NOT the quality!