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Lazy Susan Bearings

Quality Lazy Susan Hardware

Woodpeckers' lazy susan turntables are built for heavy-weight use. The lazy susan mechanism is made of steel and has a strong load capacity. Worried it’ll get weighed down? Not this lazy susan bearing. They’ll turn easily under heavy loads, so load ‘em up! 

Lazy Susan Bearing Assembly Aka How to Attach a Lazy Susan Securely

Install lazy susan hardware effortlessly.

  1. Before installing lazy susan hardware, give the ball bearings a little oiling.

  2. Choose from our wide selection of wooden circles for a lazy susan base, or craft your own from our plywood sheets.

  3. Find 4 screws long enough to fit through both lazy susan parts (base and turntable).

  4. Drill them inside the 4 holes found within the ring of the lazy susan.

Set Everything Spinning With Your DIY Lazy Susan Turntable  

These custom lazy susan bearings are convenient and space-saving. Wooden lazy susan turntables that’ll work for anything - from a DIY sit-in-spin to a tabletop piece! Plus, they come in 4 sizes to match your project needs. 

Need large lazy susan hardware? Try the 9 or 12 in lazy susan. Looking to save space in a small cabinet? Give our 6 lazy susan a whirl. And if you’re looking for something to showcase your decor pieces, it’s our 4 inch lazy susan turn table you’ll want.

Craft Lazy Susans With Wholesale Pricing

Where to buy lazy susans? At Woodpeckers. You’ll always get wholesale prices even if you’re just buying for personal use. Utilize our volume pricing to save even more as you buy. Buying bulk lazy susans means bulk savings!