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Wooden Dowels

Woodpeckers has the best wooden dowels for sale. Whether you’re a crafter, looking for rods for macramé, or a woodworker making something creative, one thing remains - our dowel rods are the high quality you need at a price that makes your projects affordable. Be sure to check out our large selection of wooden dowels including round dowel rods and square dowel rods for all of your wood crafting projects. We offer the best selection of wooden dowels around!

Our wooden dowels are made of solid, high quality wood and come pre-sanded, smooth, and ready for you to use. This smoothness also ensures that they are a safe to use for making wooden toys and to use to make wooden furniture. Are you searching for dowels for macramé? Look no further. These wooden dowels come in all widths and lengths, so you’ll be sure to find the best macramé rods! No matter what you make or how you customize your wooden dowels, we are sure that our wooden dowels are perfect for your project.

What sizes are dowel rods? Our dowels are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Widths up to 3 inches and lengths up to 3 feet long are available in our shop.

Woodpeckers is the best wood crafts store for wooden dowels and other wood crafts. We even offer our products in bulk, so be sure to check out our wholesale and discount volume prices to get the best price on our wooden dowels and all of our other wooden crafts.