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Wood Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks For Crafts

Woodpeckers offers the best selection of wood paint sticks. Our paint sticks premium grade, meaning they are made of the highest quality wood and are extra durable. Ranging in size from 6 inches to 21 inches, we have a paint stick to meet all your crafting and mixing needs. From crafting and creating to mixing paint or epoxy, our paint sticks are versatile and functional.

Paint Stick Crafts

From mixing liquids to creating garden markers, puppet sticks, and more, Woodpeckers has a wide variety of paint sticks available to choose from. Our unfinished wooden crafting sticks are all around smooth and safe to use for any application. Even the edges of our wooden paint sticks are smooth and even. Our wooden paint sticks are available in natural wood so you can customize and decorate them to fit your needs for all your paint stick crafts.

Buy Wooden Paint Sticks at Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers is the best place to buy paint sticks. We also offer bulk quantities of popsicle sticks and wooden fan sticks, so be sure to check out our wholesale and discount volume prices to get the best price on paint sticks.