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Wood Paddles

What are Greek paddles for?

fraternity big little paddles and sorority Greek paddles are used to promote brotherhood and sisterhood between members of their group. Often, it’s a group activity to make a fraternity paddle, and then littles present paddles for fraternity big brother.

How to paint a Greek paddle?

Our unfinished wooden paddles leave room for you to create custom fraternity paddles. Choose the traditional Greek letters, personalize with your big or little’s name, or paint up a unique fraternity paddle. The beautiful edging adds a decorative touch to these Greek life paddles. 

Crowd Stopping Custom Greek Paddles: The Perfect Gift for Your Big or Little

Woodpeckers wooden paddles for crafts are made to last. Crafted from ⅝” wood, the Greek wooden paddle is solid for painting and sturdy for hanging (pre-drilled for your convenience!). Plus, its smooth surface makes for easy-breezy decorating. 

Greek Paddle Ideas Beyond the Fraternity and Sorority Paddle

As a crafter and home décor enthusiast, it is hard not to love these versatile blank wood paddles. Take advantage of these large paddles Greek or not and surround yourself with your favorite messages and quotes! 

Are you a party planner looking for a wood serving board? These plain Greek paddles are a charming twist on the conventional. But if you’d like something more toned down, try our large variety of cutout shapes or circles. For a wood serving board with handles, our wood trays are ready and waiting :). 

Need a long wooden stick for crafts? Check out our huge selection of dowel rods. No matter the thickness or length you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!

Where to Buy Wooden Paddles at Bulk & Wholesale Pricing

At Woodpeckers of course! From mini wooden paddles at 12” to a whopping 26”, you can make your own Greek paddle at lower than wholesale prices cuz the more you buy, the more you’ll save.