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Wood Circles & Wooden Discs

When you look for wood circle cutouts... want something smooth. And sturdy. And craft-ready. Basically, you want Woodpeckers birch plywood circles, the best wood discs around :)

Planning to figure out how to cut circle plaques when you need them? Not-so-good idea. Stocking up on Woodpeckers precut wood circles? Much better idea! We take care of the cutting and sanding, (woohoo, pre-cut circles!) so your neat, perfectly round wood circles will be ready and waiting when the crafting urge comes.

Wooden circles for what?

We carry a variety of flat wood circles for crafts, from 1 inch “token” to a massive 30 inch “round wood canvas”. Use the the thickness that’s best for your project: 1/8”, ¼” or ½”. The charmin’ craft circles are created for…

  • posh professional wood-sign designers
  • dare-to-DIY-it woodworkers
  • seasonal-sign obsessed crafters
  • or whatever you call your creative self!

…and they’re destined to become door signs, wall hanging, stool seats, serving trays, or whatever your creative self is dreaming of. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your finished wood rounds!

At Woodpeckers, you can get your wood crafts, wooden cutouts and flat rounds at volume and bulk discounts. Shop. Save. Craft!