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Wooden Fruits

High Quality Wooden Fruit Décor

Timeless-style playroom, meet Woodpeckers realistic-looking wood fruit. They are…

  • Made of solid hardwood (they’ll last foreeeever…as opposed to plastic or foam-based)

  • Pre-sanded smooth (wooden play fruit that doubles as a decor piece!)

  • Charming heirloom pieces to pass on to your children (and even if you don’t, the wood grain will charm your visitors with its warm vintage vibes!)

Check out our cutouts of fruit and nature for sweet playroom wall décor.

Fruit Craft & Hands-on Educational Tools

Love Montessori or Waldorf-style playthings? The wooden food makes great pretend play pieces, but they’ll also double as a child-led learning experience. Choose unfinished wooden apples to paint - or red wooden apples already painted to perfection. Then, set up a counting activity along with our mini bowls. Throw in some other fruit wood pieces or different sizes for a fun sorting activity. 

Where Can I Buy Wood Apples? 

At Woodpeckers, we’ve got 3 sizes of apples, ranging from small wooden apples cherry-size, to the normal-sized large wooden apple (and that’s besides our apple trinket holders) . You can also use the mini wooden apples for crafts that need cherries– just add a stem to 2 pieces for a true-to-life pair! 

Large Wooden Fruit, Large Savings!

Need wooden apples and pears for a project? Utilize our tiered pricing to get your timber fruit at bulk and wholesale pricing!