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Wood Knobs

Quality Wood Cabinet Knobs

If your decorative wooden drawer knobs need replacing or you’re just looking for top-notch wooden knobs for crafts, it’s a Woodpeckers wooden knob you need. 

  • Pre-sanded smooth? Always.

  • Uniform in size? Turned with precision. 

  • Can withstand the repetition of open-close, open-close? Yup - solid hardwood!

Plus, you can choose from a gorgeous birch finish or an oak end grain look.

Refresh Your Furniture With Our Unfinished Wood Knobs

Searching for that perfect match to your furniture? Skip the bother– craft knobs to match for a perfectly coordinated piece. Our wooden craft knobs are also perfect little (or big!) legs for risers. Use wood glue to attach to our circles or plaques, and set your decor with class! 

Psst…did you know? Small wooden knobs make beautiful mini mushrooms! 

Wood Drawer Knobs in Various Styles

Don’t want to be boxed into one look? We didn’t think so either. That’s why we offer wooden knobs for cabinets in a range of styles, in addition to our size options. Wood ball knobs have that classic round wood knob look. Our British knobs give a stately appearance. And of course - end grain knobs, beloved for both their simple shape and charming wood grain

DIY Drawer Knobs For Savings

Get wood knobs for crafts or woodworking on-a-budget with our unbeatable pricing. Our tiered pricing ensures that the more you buy, the more you’ll save!