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What smart people ask about Wood Chip Rewards

How do I create a Wood Chips rewards account?


As soon as you create a customer account at Woodpeckers Crafts, you’ll automatically join, and get 250 points just for signing up! (You can create an account here, or during checkout.)

How can I earn Wood Chip points?


You’ll earn every time you make a purchase at Woodpeckers. (5 points for every $1, or more if you’re on our higher tiers.) Want to earn even more? Join the crafting inspiration on Instagram or Facebook, or write a review sharing your Woodpeckers experience. Oh, and you’ll get 500 Wood Chips on your birthday, just because. Sweet? Sweet! (You can see all ways to earn a little higher up on this page.)

How do I redeem my Wood Chips?


Right here on this page! Just make sure you’re logged into your account, scroll till you find the reward you want, and then click redeem. Make sure to copy the code to use during checkout! (You can also redeem your points on the cart page.)

Do my Wood Chips expire?


Nope! They’re yours, forever & ever, amen.

Can I save my rewards and earn more?


Clever! You can absolutely save your Wood Chips, and watch your stockpile groooow until you’re ready to save, save, save.

What happens when I redeem a reward, and then decide I still want to save up?


Reach out to customer support, we’ll be happy to apply the points back to your account!

What are Craft Master, Craft Connoisseur, and Craft Hobbyist? (About Reward Tiers)


As you shop with us, you’ll move up to our VIP Loyalty Tiers. Once you spend $250, you’ll become a Craft Connoisseur, and you’ll earn 7 points for every $1 you spend and get access to our $25 vouchers. Once you spend $750 with us, you’ll become a VIP Craft Master. You’ll then earn 10 points for every $1 you spend, and get access to our $50 and $100 vouchers.

How soon can I use my points


Points have a 30 day approval period. Need your points sooner? Reach out to customer support and we're happy to give you that courtesy.