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Wooden Easter Crafts Guide

Wooden Easter Crafts Guide
Posted by Woodpeckers Crafts

Wooden Easter Crafts Guide

As Spring blooms and the Easter bunny hops back into our lives once again, it’s the perfect time to embrace the warmth of the season. If you have prior experience with holiday crafting, you might already know that Easter is one of the best holidays for wood crafting. Whether you’ve got a house full of young kids in need of fun or you’re looking for a whimsical way to spend Easter with teens and adults, wooden crafts are a great choice!

From adorable bunny ear picture frames to etched Easter egg cutouts, Woodpeckers has the materials to get your holiday crafting started out on the right foot! But if you’re new to wooden crafts and you want to make sure Easter goes off without a hitch this year, you probably have a few questions. For instance, what should you use to decorate wooden Easter eggs? How can you create a cheerful ambiance in your home with homemade wooden Easter decor? What are the best wooden Easter crafts for teens? Finally, where can you find the best quality Baltic birch wood cutouts and crafting materials without breaking the bank?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Easter crafts for preschoolers

Easter egg hunts are always a lot of fun for preschoolers and young kids. However, you may not want to hide real or plastic eggs around your house or backyard. Fortunately, wooden Easter eggs make for a fantastic alternative! Not only can preschoolers decorate them without the risk of cracking any shells, but they can also gleefully hunt for their own creations or proudly display them around the home. Either way, the day will be filled with big smiles and beautiful creations!

How to decorate wooden Easter eggs

Decorating wooden Easter eggs with your preschoolers doesn’t require a lot of prep work. You’ll just want to make sure that you’re around to supervise, especially when there’s paint involved. Here are a few steps to help make the process as easy, fun, and safe as possible:

  1. Choose the wooden eggs that best fit your needs. For example, unfinished wooden eggs might be better for an Easter egg hunt, while a wooden egg cutout with etched patterns might be better if you want to use the finished creation as a decoration for your home.
  2. Find a clear workspace where you can throw down a drop cloth or even some old towels to avoid a mess. If you want to keep your home squeaky clean for the holidays, you can have your preschoolers decorate their eggs outside.
  3. Get together whatever you’d like to use to add color and images to the eggs. Markers are an easy option for preschoolers, but you might also consider glitter glue, non-toxic acrylic paint, or even stickers.
  4. Make sure to oversee the process so that you can help your preschoolers set their eggs somewhere to dry (like inside a plastic cup), or if you’re using egg cutouts, set them up on a wooden cutout stand.
  5. Once the eggs have dried, you can hide them for an Easter egg hunt or display them in the home for everyone to enjoy.

Easter crafts for kids

Like preschoolers, kids between the ages of 6 and 12 will enjoy just about any activity that lets them flex their creativity! The Easter Bunny is a great character to decorate on Easter, though you certainly have more options at your disposal. Some other great choices include Easter egg basket cutouts or Easter chick in egg cutouts. However, since the Easter Bunny is a big part of the holiday for many families, this is often one of the most popular wooden craft ideas for kids!

How to decorate a wooden Easter bunny

There are a lot of different creative directions you can go with the Easter Bunny, but make sure to talk to your kids to see what they would like to create! They could use markers, ribbons, glitter, paint, and even googly eyes to decorate an Easter bunny face frame, which can be used to display a picture of your child’s face with giant bunny ears. Alternatively, your kids might prefer to decorate a more realistic wooden Easter bunny cutout.

Regardless of what you (or your kids) choose, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Discuss what kinds of decorations or crafts your kids want to work on. If they’re short on ideas, consider getting a few different options to let them see (and touch) for themselves.
  2. Set out a drop cloth or move the festivities outside before you break out the paint or glitter.
  3. Supervise your kids to make sure the crafting and decorating stays safe, fun, and (hopefully) mess-free.
  4. Display the creations using wooden stands (for cutouts) or by hanging them in a prominent space in your home (for picture frames).

Easter crafts for teens

Getting teens involved in holiday activities isn’t always the simplest thing to do. However, if you can present teenagers with a creative challenge, they’ll often want to prove that they’re up to the task. For this reason, we recommend trying out more complex wooden crafts with your teens. Some popular Easter craft ideas for teens include:

All of these options allow your teenagers to paint, draw, and decorate how they see fit! You may still want to supervise for safety; plus it’s usually best to turn crafting into a family activity, regardless of the ages of those involved! And even if your teens aren’t as comfortable decorating more complex crafts, don’t stress. There are still some great ways to get them involved with simpler wooden crafts.

For example, wooden Easter baskets are a great way to create a fun decoration without needing a steady hand when painting. Another fun option is unfinished wooden eggs displayed in wooden egg cups. This adds a bit more nuance to the standard wooden Easter egg, as your teens can color coordinate the cups and eggs, and the final product can be displayed just about anywhere in the home!

Easter crafts for adults

Who says adults can’t have fun on Easter, too? The best part is that you can choose different crafts based on your skill levels. If you’re not as confident with a paintbrush, you can always opt for a simpler, kid-friendly option. But if you’re up to the challenge, you can choose more intricate wooden Easter decorations, like a bunny-in-the-branches kit, an Easter egg scene kit, or an Easter egg garland.

And while Easter crafts are a great activity to have fun on the holiday itself, you will probably prefer to prepare your wooden Easter decorations in advance. To make sure that everything looks perfect for the celebrations, you might want to work on your Easter crafts a few days, or even weeks beforehand. This way, you can have your house completely decorated for family get-togethers, special meals, Easter egg hunts, or however you choose to celebrate the day!

Did you enjoy our wooden Easter crafts guide? Be sure to check out our wooden Easter and Spring crafts shop to find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!